Casey and I last week decided to try Sam’s Fish Camp last Friday night, a restaurant that we have been driving by for quite some time. Each and every time we drove by one of us would say “we should try that place out sometime.” Well we finally did and are glad that we did. Sam’s Fish Camp is located at 16600 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, on the corner of PCH and Admiralty Drive in Sunset Beach. Although this location has changed occupancy several times over the years, it appears that Sam’s Fish Camp is here to stay.

We had an “earlier” dinner and came to the Fish Camp around 6:30 pm, already by that time the restaurant was bustling with activity and patrons including many larger groups and locals all looking to enjoy a good evening and meal at the end of a long week. The Fish Camp has a pretty substantial seating area, with indoor, outdoor covered and outdoor patio seating. The vibe and the feel of Fish Camp mimics that of the nearby beach communities, namely warm and laid back, without the often pretentious nature that you may expect a fish restaurant near the beach to have.

The Fish Camp is an order at the counter and sit-down restaurant. Aside from the various specials, appetizers and soups, the premise of the menu is to select your type of seafood from the substantial list of fresh seafood available, select the manner in which you want it served (in a sandwich, salad or plate) and lastly, select its preparation (including seasonings, marinades and cooking method).

Casey and I decided to start with a half-dozen of the witch duck fresh oysters from Chesapeake Bay Virgina, we then ordered two sandwiches, the Wild South Pacific Yellowfin Tuna prepared a la plancha with lemon herb marinade and the Wild Alaskan Halibut prepared blackened and served with a remoulade. The oysters were fresh and delicious, served with freshly grated horseradish, cocktail sauce and mignonette. The fish portions on the sandwiches were generous, they were served on great sandwich rolls and the preparation of both sandwiches was fantastic. We were able to grab a table on the covered patio up against the window and watch the sunset over PCH and the Sunset Beach homes as we enjoyed dinner.

Prices were extremely reasonable for the quality of food that Sam’s Fish Camp puts out. You area able to select from a wide range of seafood meal options that provide something for everyone, ranging in price from $9-$15. In addition to the food, Sam’s Fish Camp has a great selection of both wines and beers for you to enjoy as well as a fish market where you can select from a wide range of fish, shrimp, oysters and other seafood to take home and prepare for a dinner in.

Now, I have not verified this tip, however, I have heard that if you bring your own bottle of wine, there is no corkage fee. However, I would confirm this with them so that you are no caught off guard should this tip be incorrect. Additionally, if anyone could confirm this tip, I am sure that many would appreciate it!

Casey and I would definitely recommend Sam’s Fish Camp to others, especially if you are looking for a great seafood meal in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.