The purpose of this page is to offer current and prospective residents a brief history of our local communities. Our communities are rich in history. I must acknowledge the efforts of some local residents that have researched and put together a comprehensive history of our local communities. They include Ms. Margrit Kendrick and Mr. Larry Strawther. Should you be interested in more detail I urge you to visit Mr. Strawther’s web-site at: which covers some of the history and interesting stories about Rossmoor-Los Alamitos. He has published a brief history of Rossmoor-Los Alamitos that may be purchased from his website or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Additionally as of this writing he had a history of Seal Beach In the works. Having read Mr. Strawther’s book, I can recommend it for those interested in knowing more about our communities.

Lastly, much of the documented and physical history of our local communities can be found housed at the Los Alamitos Museum (, which is well worth visiting. The museum is located at: 11062 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 — (562) 431-8836.