Our objective is to provide experienced personalized touch and attention that will prompt Buyers and Sellers to consciously seek me out for their future needs. As one of few Attorney, Broker, REALTORS® in Orange County, I am able to leverage my legal background, experience as a technical sales professional and my knowledge of the Northern Orange County market to provide a value driven offering not commonly found in the industry. This background allows me to provide the following benefits to my clients:

  • Ability to compile, draft, and competently review, analyze and explain each and every document required for any real estate transaction;
  • Analyze data and trends and provide objective recommendations as to listing and offer prices;
  • Experience and leverage in negotiations both as a sales professional and an attorney.

Our commitment to each client is:

  • A personalized walk-through of each step of the real estate transaction process;
  • My personal involvement and handling of the transaction rather than through intermediaries;
  • An effort to establish a long lasting relationship based on trust and delivering superior results.

We do not intend to “buy listings.” Namely, go along with a Seller’s unrealistic expectation of the true market value of their property merely to “test the market” or just obtain a listing to later pressure the Seller into a price reduction when the property sits on the market – as tends to be the practice with some Brokers and Agents. Given the preceding, you may not see my signs littered throughout the community. It is not my intent to have my clients complete with one another for my time, attention and support. Rather, our focus is assuring that we are able to intently listen to each client to understand your goals, desires and concerns, in order to develop a comprehensive approach and strategy. Our goal is on providing superior service and a win-win proposition to Buyers and Sellers which we hope will insure the continuity of business and promote an impeccable reputation among Buyers, Sellers, Brokers and Agents.

Areas Served: Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Cypress, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Surfside.

Associations: Member of Orange County, California and National Association of Realtors®.


Most Brokers and Agents are familiar with Real Estate Law, but familiarity with the law does not make the Broker or Agent an Attorney. Although many Broker activities are clearly law related and can legitimately be performed by a licensed Real Estate Broker, Brokers must be very careful not to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. This may not be readily apparent and on occasion can prove troublesome. Words and wording have meaning and meaning has consequences.

With the aforementioned in mind, there are many advantages to enlisting the help of an Attorney in your real estate transaction. An Attorney can assist you in every aspect of the home buying or selling process including:

  • Negotiation of contractual and pricing terms of the transaction;
  • Review and drafting of buy-sell agreements with inclusion necessary terms, conditions, contingencies and clauses;
  • Examination of title and title insurance to protect interests in property;
  • Review or property and other inspection reports and negotiation based on declarations;
  • Examination and negotiation of terms of the mortgage with the mortgage bank;
  • Review of closing all closing documents and subsequent recording of deed and mortgage

As an Attorney, I will navigate you through a process and advise you as to implications and potential impacts of key issues as they arise.

For more information as to my legal services and how I can support and protect your transaction from a legal perspective, please visit my Law Offices website, or contact me directly at

Disclaimer: As a California Bureau of Real Estate Licensed Broker and a California State Bar Admitted Attorney, I am held to ethical standards and requirements of each profession. However, where these ethical standards are at odds with one another, I am required to adhere to the California Business and Professions Code which outlines the ethical requirements for Attorneys. As part of good business practices, compliance with these requirements and standards and in an overabundance of caution, I am unable to act in both legal and real estate brokerage capacities in the same single transaction. Moreover, should you elect to retain my services I will provide you with a detailed disclosure statement. This is necessary to assure that any potential for conflict in interest or ethical requirements do not arise and that your interests, goals and needs are maintained paramount at all times.